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October 17, 2017



Create promotional videos for and make the company the go to company for business filings & legal document services entrepreneurs, business professional and organizations.

Purpose & problem: 6 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every month and videos are a valuable, powerful way to tell your brand’s story, to showcase your product or service. One of Corpnet’s competitor, “Legal Zoom” pay a hefty price to create video content to drive traffic to their website and increase their subscribers (2,029 ). On the other hand, spends thousands of dollars to do the exact same.  Here are what Corpnet’s competitors are doing online:

Legal Zoom (2,029 subscribers) 325 Videos (2,029 subscribers) 70 Videos
MyCorporation (249 subscribers) 56 Videos
CorpNet, Incorporated (232 subscribers) 21 videos

Video done right by understanding your business, your business goals and your target audience.  We use stories to make your business come alive.  Then we decide the best kind of storytelling that will resonate with that audience.  It’s all about finding the right way in so you get the most out of your investment.

1) Grab the viewer’s attention and keep it.
2) Get the message across (ideally how the product or service helps.

Scope of Services: Create a total of 9 Videos

Brand Film: 3 minute video that should tell a story, stir the viewer’s emotions and allow your audience to connect with your company on a deeper level.
Video 1: Scripted video with strong call of action.

Commercial Ads: Create 4 (30 seconds video ad on Corpnet)
Incorporate Nellie as the spokes person or professional actor.
Video 2: Video for Startups
Video 3: Easy and Simple (website tutorial)
Video 4: Video in Espanol (new business and start ups)
Video 5: Why Corpnet (Why everyone uses Corpnet services)

 30 Seconds Explainer Animation Video: (Compete against competitors)
Video 6: Why Corpnet is better (Voice Over)
Video 7: Why Corpnet is better (Voice Over) Espanol

Product Videos:  (60 seconds video)
Video 8: Introduction to Corpnet
Video 9: Services for business and organizations

Videos to Include:

1) Add a call to action: Either spoken or written. Tell your user what to do next.
2) Put branding up front: put Corpnet up front.
3) Hook them in 5 seconds: Viewers have a short attention span. I want to create a video give viewers a reason to keep watching your video.

Propose Visual / Examples:


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